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Within 10 Years of Retirement

Within 10 Years of Retirement

Within 10 Years of Retirement

This is your information page if you are within 10 years of retirement and are looking for advanced financial planning strategies. You might be looking for help with:

  • Managing the sale of your business (self-employed)
  • Tax Diversification 
  • Consolidating your Employer Retirement Plan
  • Updating or creating your estate plan 
  • Retirement Income Planning 
  • Social Security Optimization 


What Questions Should I Ask You? 

If you've never partnered with an Advisor before, you might be wondering what information you should consider as you make your decision. 

  • How will you partner with my tax team (CPA, estate planning attorney, etc.)? 
  • How do I check on your compliance history with the regulatory bodies?
  • How often will you connect with me throughout the year? 
  • What fees do you charge?  
  • How do you protect my information? 
  • How quickly will you respond to me when I have a question? 
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