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Our Process

Our Value Add 

When we partner with you, we offer so much more than just guidance choosing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. In addition to creating a portfolio that is in line with your comfort with risk while maximizing returns, we will strive to become your family's CFO. This goes beyond performance and is a true partnership to help with your total financial picture. 

We took inventory of all the things we do to help our clients and the processes we have established and we came up with over 85 things that fit into the 7 general categories shown above.

These 85 things include: Retirement Planning, Financial Plan Creation, Financial Plan Implementation, Roth Conversions, Roth Contributions, Building an Emergency Fund, College Savings Planning, Protected Income, Tax Coordination with your CPA, Asset Allocation, Employer Plan Allocation Recommendations, Employer Plan Contribution Recommendations, Employer Plan Analysis, Employer Plan Creation for Small Business Owners, ESOP Analysis, Risk Tolerance Analysis, Risk Analysis for Life and Long Term Care, Financial Directives, Health Care Directives, Long Term Medical Expense Discussion/Options, Medicare Planning, Social Security Planning, Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planning, Estate Guidance (Trust, GRAT, ILIT, SLAT, etc.), Property Casualty Analysis/Recommendations, Real Estate Analysis, Vehicle Purchase Guidance, Gifting Guidance (both Philanthropic and to family members), Financial Education for yourself and your children or beneficiaries, and Regularly Scheduled Tactical/Strategy Meetings. 

For general information on these topics, please visit my YouTube Channel or to talk about your situation please schedule time with me

What You Can Expect from Us 

  1. You will first have a phone call with Derrick. You can use his online schedule link, call 928-421-0002 or email Derrick ( This call is to start the process of understanding your goals and how we can partner. 

    You do not need all of your statements for this initial call, but you should be ready to talk about what accounts you have and know the estimated balances and your general goals. 

  2. If both you and Derrick agree this partnership will work for you, we will ask you to gather statements or other financial documents so we can get a clear picture of where you are. 

    These are the typical items we'll need: 
    - Bank Statements 
    - Statements of any existing retirement accounts (401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, TSP, 403(b), etc.) 
    - Information about any Pension Plans you are eligible for 
    - Balance for any health savings (HSA) accounts 
    - Social Security estimates (if applicable) 
    - Statements for any 529 or college savings plans 
    - Statements for any Life, Long Term Care, or other Insurance 
    - Statements for any Annuities 

  3. The next meeting will be in person or via video call to review all the information and start the ongoing process of creating a financial plan. 

Onboarding Process

Below is our general onboarding process. Everyone is unique and has different needs, but this is the general process we will follow for you: